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November 2018
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HIV/AIDS and the Arts

Spangle Magazine

Spangle Magazine is a local magazine that covers upcoming events that are local in our surrounding neighborhoods. They have a whole events page of all their shows they are covering. If theaters/dance and/or concerts are your cup of tea, you might want to check them out.

Carnegie Museum

“Much of that art work was made by people who are dead now from AIDS—and a lot of the art was in response to the sheer quantity of people dying in the arts community,” says AA Bronson. Three hundred people are diagnosed with AIDs each year, and over 100 people die from it, the art that is created here gives people hope of why they are fighting for their lives. Don’t give up hope, for there is a place where you can go and feel at home.
a colorful art picture

Make Art:
Stop AIDs.

All over the world people are being harmed by this disease. This site offers strength and some visuals that make your world a little happier. Remember your not alone.

AIDs Quilt

Although your loved one may be gone, you aren’t alone. The AIDS Memorial Quilt is a powerful tool for use in preventing new HIV infections, and the largest ongoing community art projects. There is 40,000 full color panels that make up this Quilt; its full of memorializes the person’s life whom sadly lost their life to AIDS.

Can’t get enough? Here are other sites about aids in the Arts!