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Living with HIV/AIDS can get confusing when trying to keep track of different appointments with healthcare providers and case managers. To keep from getting lost in all of this, it can help to have a plan. ATFGC is ready to help you to create a plan, and to find the services you need.

Once you establish a routine, you will probably get used to your schedule of going to appointments, whether its to see your primary care physician, update your case manager, or to get some lab work done. Still it can get confusing, and if you are not prepared, you may have to do everything twice!

So  here are some tips to help you manage all of these things:

  • Bring any materials you may need, like lab slips, recent x-rays, medications your on, etc. These things will help your provider better care for you and may even shorten the appointment.
  • Be on time. Most places are very busy with full schedules, if you arrive late you can throw off everyone else schedule.
  • Make a list of questions to ask before you leave and write down the answers to these when you leave the provider. Keeping this list will help you stay healthy.
  • Think Ahead. Ask the provider if any materials should be brought with you on the next visit.
  • Consider bringing a friend or relative to meet with you and your physician. Sometimes having another person there to help you remember your questions – and the answers your health care provider gives – can make it easier.