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Giving Tuesday

The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland relies on the generosity of our community to help us do our important work. Please take a moment and support our 2012 Annual Appeal – it makes a huge difference in the lives of the people we serve. Please, read on and learn more about who we are and who we serve.

When Lisa showed up at our door, she was sick. She had recently been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. She was struggling with alcohol and drugs. She was homeless and had to send her daughter away. Lisa had nowhere to turn.

A friend – one of the few she could trust – told her about the AIDS Taskforce.

Earlier this year, despite those challenges, Lisa attended her daughter’s high school graduation – something she didn’t expect just a few short years ago. Her daughter is now attending college and Lisa is there to support her. Lisa is healthy, sober and contributing to her community. Her life is forever changed for the better.

Let me tell you more about Lisa and her amazing story. – a story where you made the difference.

Lisa thought she met the love of her life – that special someone to settle down and raise a family with. Sadly, the man she thought was the answer to her prayers turned out to be her worst nightmare. He was cheating on Lisa and became infected with HIV. Never knowing she was at risk, Lisa became HIV positive as well. Soon after he left her – alone and with a young daughter. Lisa turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain. Eventually her daughter went to live with relatives and Lisa found herself wondering if this was the end for her.

Fortunately, her one trusted friend helped guide her to the AIDS Taskforce. It was here that Lisa met her case manager who assisted her with access to critical medical and social services. We helped Lisa find a clean, safe place to live and helped her deal with her addictions. Most importantly, Lisa’s case manager was a compassionate, comforting presence during such a trying time. It wasn’t long before Lisa got her life back on track and her daughter came home – thanks to you.

Lisa, whose name I’ve changed to protect her privacy, wakes up each day feeling good about her life. She is able to focus on what is important – being a good parent, taking her medication, volunteering in her community – because she is not distracted by addiction, poor health and finding a safe home. Lisa is making a difference in her life because someone gave her a chance to prove her worth.

The difference for Lisa was the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. The difference for the Taskforce is you.

You helped make a difference for William too.

William learned he was HIV positive when he was 19. When he shared this with his family – his biological family – he was immediately thrown out of the house. The existing shelter system is not a pleasant place for a young man with HIV, especially one who is also gay. He found himself sleeping in parks, roaming from place to place with nowhere to call home. It goes without saying that sleeping outside was not particularly helpful to William in maintaining his health.

Like Lisa, William is living a very different life today. He has a permanent home that he can return to everyday that is free of the dangers of living on the streets. William got his GED and is now in classes at Cuyahoga Community College. William lights up a room with his presence; he is happy to be taking steps to not only improve his own life, but to help others as well. Once again, you helped make the difference for William.

Both of these individuals were in crisis not that long ago. Fortunately, they found their way to the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland – and we were there for them. They found support, friendship and most importantly, the vital services they needed to improve their health and their lives.

I can’t imagine a world where the Taskforce isn’t there. For many people – like Lisa and William – we are the only place to turn. The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland is able to provide so much – a safe home, people who care, medical attention – but most importantly, we are able to help our clients realize their true value in the world. Value, self worth, confidence – it does make life a little easier. Your generosity makes it easier for us to instill these strengths in so many of our clients.

This is why I am writing to you, to ask that you renew – or begin – your annual commitment to the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. Your donation helps us serve individuals in our community who need housing, food, supportive services, medical attention and so much more.

Working with Lisa and William is just one part of our response to the needs of those infected with, affected and at-risk for HIV/AIDS. For nearly 30 years we have been the leader in prevention, education, services, public policy, advocacy and research.  It is a big responsibility, but it is one we carry out every day without fail – and we need you to help us continue this vital work. I encourage you to give as generously as you can.

Please take a moment, right now, to make your gift by clicking right here, or call us at 216-621-0766.

Thank you, on behalf of Lisa, William and everyone here at the AIDS Taskforce.



Tracy Jones

Chief Executive Officer